For more than 120 years, Tontine Fibres has been an active and dynamic participant in the development of textile manufacturing in Australia.

As specialists in the field of Fibre Technology, we have become integral participants in a broad range of industries across Australia, and have worked to meet the varying needs of a wide variety of markets, by developing new products using value-added processes.

Using the latest in technology, we are able to manufacture a user friendly insulation material. The product is made from polyester fibre.

Polyester fibre has long been associated with the bedding and furniture industries as a clean, non-allergenic and non-toxic product. Now it is available to the building industry ... insulation for the future, available today from Tontine Fibres.

Effective insulation cuts heating and cooling costs that make up approximately a third of a home's total energy expenditure. The thermal and acoustic performance of a buildings walls and ceilings impact greatly on energy costs, as well as affecting the living and working environment within the structure.


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Sound Control that makes Sense

In cases where control of sound is essential, for example offices, apartments, hotels, theatres and recording studios, using safe Tontine Polyester Insulation will ensure superb sound control.

 The Australian made Tontine Insulation range has been developed to be easier, safer and more comfortable to work with than conventional insulation, as well as performing across the required thermal range of R values, and being tested for fire performance, respirable fibres, and acoustic properties.

When installing any Tontine Polyester Insulation product, no gloves, goggles, masks or special safety zones are required, consequently saving valuable time and money.



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